07/23/18 - Teens Get Hands-On IAQ Experiences

Summer Collaboration is First ROCIS Teen-Focused Initiative


In July the ROCIS initiative launched its first teen-based Low Cost Monitoring Project cohort with support from the the Millvale Community Library, New Sun Rising, and The Heinz Endowments.  Ten engaged teenagers in the Millvale area were loaned monitors to use in their homes in order to learn more about indoor and outdoor air quality..


Particles Pop through Cooking!


At our kick-off meeting, we made popcorn to show how cooking could cause an

increase in particles. The teens were shocked to see our indoor air quality particle

counts go from 580 (Fair Air Quality) to 20,000 (Very Poor Air Quality) on the

Dylos Air Quality Monitors. The Dylos monitor measures particles greater than 0.5 microns.

Fan/Filter Creation

The participants were excited to investigate ways to improve the air quality in their homes.  The second portion of the kick-off meeting was spent on DIY solutions to mitigate bad air quality through an informative and creative demonstration presented by the Millvale Community Library’s Maker Program.  We demonstrated ways to create fan/filters and how the DIY products could be used to reduce particles in homes. Each participant assembled a fan/filter to use in their homes. They used colorful pipe cleaners to connect the filter to the fan - an innovative solution thanks to Maker Program Director. Roman Benty!  


The ROCIS team is excited to continue our partnership with this cohort until mid-August. Stay tuned to see insights from our Millvale cohort in the August newsletter!

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