6/21/18 - Grassroots Green Homes Update
 The ROCIS team is pleased to join forces with CCI’s Grassroots Green Homes (GGH) program to provide air quality monitoring in homes located in Uptown, West Oakland, and Homewood. Through our partnership, we provide monitors and expertise to teach residents about air quality in their homes. Each week a ROCIS team member will visit their home to download their data and share ways to improve their indoor air quality through behavioral changes and DIY strategies. Each home receives particle, radon, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide monitors for a two-week period.
Michael, a resident from West Oakland, signed up for the Grassroots Green Homes program two years ago to receive free energy efficiency and home health toolkits. He was excited to hear about GGH’s continued engagement opportunity to conduct air quality studies in his neighborhood. With no vented range hood, and open windows for summer comfort, Michael used ROCIS monitoring equipment to get feedback on different cooking techniques and the use of a MERV 13 filter on a box fan in his window (see photo). More info here.

Cooking foods will produce both particles and chemical emissions, some of which will be hazardous to your health. Michael applied our tips to reduce particle exposure and other emissions by using butter as a cooking oil, cooking on low heat, and trying not to burn any food! He was also very pleased to take part in our box fan/filter experiment to reduce the impact of outdoor particles inside his home. Through our monitoring, ROCIS saw an improvement when Michael used his box fan/filter in his window to filter incoming air. Michael plans to continue using the fan/filter during the summer months and will purchase a filter for his mother to use as well.





ROCIS would like to thank Filtech, Inc. for their generous donation of 40 high performance filters to use with box fans, aka fan/filters. Filtech, Inc. is an independent filter distributor based in Pittsburgh. They specialize in providing a complete line of filtration equipment for their commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We look forward to distributing the donated filters to folks in the Uptown and West Oakland neighborhoods. 








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